Refund Policy

Refund Policy :

An event may be cancelled or postponed for different reasons but the refunding will be done as per the policy of the organizer. Basically the company does not set any refund policy and it is the duty of organizers to inform about it to the clients and issue the detailed notice of the same. Likewise the clients too can’t directly contact the company for a refund, they should inform the organizer about it. All the issues related with refunding should be strictly limited between organizer and clients. Booking fee will not be refunded for any reason of cancellation.


Refund for Wedding Cancellation

In concern to the cancellation of the wedding, the refunding will be done with respect to the terms and conditions of refunding and money will be refunded to the respective person who has made the payment. Probably it may take a few weeks for refunding. The organizer or the clients may request for refunding with details of the cancellation. You will be entitled to 50% of the total fund with respect to the number of days prior to the day of the event, you request for cancellation. There will be a service charge of 10% in every cancellation.

Refund For Corporate Event Cancellation

Cancellation policies are almost the same for corporate events as that of other events. If the customer cancels the event within 4 weeks, 50% of the total money will be refunded. If the Cancellation is between 4 to 1 week, refunding will decrease up to 10%. Corporate Event Refunding will be done between the organizer and the clients with respect to the terms and conditions of the company.


Event Cancellation by Sponsor

If a sponsor decides to cancel the sponsorship, he/she may inform the agency within time with details of the same. If there is any big amount of balance due, it is the sponsor who is responsible for it. Cancellation charge depends upon the time limit (for example), if he/she cancels the sponsorship within 3 months it may cost 50% of the total. The event organizer will be still able to resell the sponsorship if the cancellation charges remain.

Event Payment and Refund Policy

1.1 You agree to the payment of the purchase price listed on (the Purchase Price), for the event for which your ticket is being purchased (the Event) pursuant to the terms below.
1.2 Payment of the Purchase Price may be made through an internet secure payment system sourced from a third party.
1.3 The Purchase Price is inclusive of GST.
1.4 A Tax invoice for purchases will be automatically provided.
1.5 All prices are stated in indian Rupees .

2.1 Prior to purchasing tickets for events, please carefully review the event details. Should your circumstances change, and you are unable to attend, you must request a refund no later than thirty (30) days prior to the commencement of the Event.
2.2 You will not be entitled to a refund if we receive your request less than thirty (30) days prior to the commencement of the Event. A refund will only be provided if a replacement attendee can be found to take your place.
2.3 Should you not be able to attend due to your state being in lockdown due to COVID a refund will be provided regardless of time frame.
2.4 If the Event takes place then, generally, there is no right to a refund, however, this Refund Policy is subject to the Indian Consumer Law.
2.5 If the Event is cancelled, you will be entitled to a refund.
2.6 If the Event is rescheduled, your ticket will be valid for the rescheduled Event or you may obtain a refund at your request.
2.7 Tickets that are resold or assigned may not be honoured, at eve19 entertainment Management’s discretion.
2.8 All refund requests must be made email to [email protected] from your email provided at your time of purchase.
2.9 All refunds will incur a 2-3% transaction fee. Payment system surcharges and fees are non-refundable, no matter the reason for the refund.
2.10 Refunds will only be processed to the credit card or debit card from which the payment was received.

Why we have a non-refundable policy
At our company, we understand that life is unpredictable and that plans can change unexpectedly. However, when it comes to event tickets, we have a strict no-refund policy in place and the reason behind this policy is that our events require a great deal of planning, coordination, and upfront costs which makes it successful. This includes booking the venue, paying for performers or speakers, and marketing the event to attract attendees. If we start offering refunds for event tickets, it would not only cause financial strain but also compromise with the overall quality of the event.

Communicating the non-refundable policy
We believe in being transparent with our customers about our policies, which is why we make it clear that event tickets are non-refundable at the time of purchase.

This information is typically included in the ticket purchase confirmation email, as well as on our website and social media channels. By communicating our policy upfront, we hope to prevent any misunderstandings or frustrations on the part of the ticket holder.

Alternatives to getting a refund
If a ticket holder is unable to attend an event due to unforeseen circumstances, we encourage them to consider alternative options before requesting a refund. This might include transferring the ticket to a friend or family member, reselling the ticket on a third-party platform, or donating the ticket to a charitable organization. These options not only prevent financial loss for the ticket holder but also help to ensure that the event is well-attended and enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Protecting the integrity of our events, our non-refundable policy for event tickets is designed to protect the integrity of our events and ensure that they are successful and enjoyable for all attendees.

By communicating our policy clearly and offering exceptions in certain circumstances, we hope to strike a balance between being fair to our customers and protecting our business. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of all our customers in adhering to this policy.

Financial Considerations
One of the main reasons for a non-refundable policy is the financial implications of issuing refunds. When an event organizer issues a refund, they are not only losing the revenue from that ticket but also incurring processing fees and administrative costs.

In some cases, the organizer may have already spent the funds generated from the ticket sales on event-related expenses such as venue rental, catering, or marketing.

Event Planning Considerations
Another factor that may influence the decision to have a non-refundable policy is the planning process itself. Event planning requires a lot of upfront investment, and organizers need to have a clear picture of how many attendees they can expect.

If there is a high likelihood of cancellations and refunds, it can make it challenging to plan effectively and may result in overbooking or underbooking of the event.

Limited Ticket Availability
For some events, ticket availability is limited, and a non-refundable policy ensures that those who have purchased tickets are committed to attending. This can be especially true for events that have high demand or limited seating, such as concerts, sporting events, or exclusive galas.

By having a non-refundable policy, the organizer can ensure that every ticket sold will be used, and there won’t be empty seats or wasted resources.

Clear Communication
Regardless of the reasons for having a non-refundable policy, it is essential to communicate this policy clearly to attendees. This information should be included prominently on the event website, in the ticket purchasing process, and in any marketing materials.

Attendees should have a clear understanding of the policy and its implications before they decide to purchase tickets.

While a non-refundable policy may seem harsh to some attendees, it can be a necessary policy for event organizers. By understanding the financial ,planning, and availability considerations, attendees can appreciate the reasoning behind the policy.

Clear communication is essential to ensure that attendees are aware of the policy and can make an informed decision about purchasing tickets.